Cassondra Lenoir

Cassondra Lenoir

What is my Couture Swagg? Well, my Couture Swagg is my passion for Christ and having His will prevail in my life!  

Passion for Jesus. Lover of Words. Teller of Stories.

With one month’s rent, a ten dollar an hour internship lined up at a media agency (in Adverting – media planning) and a boat load of faith, Cassondra Lenoir made the big move to New York on May 29, 2012. Only 16 days out of college, the St. Louis, Mo. native had absolutely no idea where she would be living once June ended, if she would have enough money to save and provide for herself or what her first summer away from all her family and friends would entail. However, what she did know was that with her internship ending in August and the desire to have a full time position in New York, her motto, ‘the proof of passion is pursuit,’ quickly became her way of life and that’s exactly what she planned to do; pursue her passions.

Lenoir had big dreams and desired an even bigger reality. With a strong foundation in Journalism, Event Planning, and an overall love for writing, Lenoir quickly realized that working in the comfort of her now full time position at the advertising agency would no longer suffice. From a little girl her mother always instilled in her that anything worth having is worth working for, so not giving New York her all was out of the question. After 8 months of working as an Assistant Media Planner, Lenoir was forced to step out of her comfort zone and begin to live her dreams.

The now entertainment and media company Owner, Talk Show Host, Event Planner and soon to be published Author has consistently turned her cants into cans, her dreams into plans and her vision into her reality.

“As a child, the desire to move to New York City and work within the Entertainment and Media industries was initially sparked from the lights and cameras, but as an adult it has been the action that keeps me here,” says Lenoir.

Along Lenoir’s road to self-discovery, she’s taken her love of the industry very seriously. In addition to her journalism background, through freelancing, she has extensive hands on experience within multiple aspects of the entertainment and media industries including on-air hosting, television production, broadcast, music, marketing, event planning, fashion and advertising.

Lenoir founded Couture Swagg as an organization while in college at Southeast Missouri State University on November 19, 2011. After many successful events, her big move to New York (which actually came before she graduated from college on December 15, 2012) and overcoming her fear of failure, she re-launched Couture Swagg into the “real world” on February 19, 2014. Couture Swagg is now an entertainment and media company where Lenoir hosts very successful bi-monthly networking events and heads a strong team of content contributors on, all while writing her first book.

Through Lenoir’s road to self-discovery she continues to unveil new parts of herself and believes there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a jack of all trades, as long as you aim to master them as well.

Lenoir is a strong advocate of the quote, “It’s not about the destination but the journey.”

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